Patrick Van der Elst


a dreamlike and original universe.

Patrick Van der Elst lives and works in Belgium.

about Patrick

Born in brussels in 1969, Patrick Van der Elst lives and works in Belgium. His personal encounters, his readings, his life and his work as a doctor are today an inexhaustible source of inspiration. As opposed to spontaneous and instantaneous photography, his approach is based more on intense reflection and long clinical settings to question our society, our way of living…

His photographic work does not follow any formalism, nor does he claim any filiation. For artistic expression, he leaves it to himself, following the idea of doing only what he likes and not confining himself.

As for technique, he defines himself as self-taught, more adept at empiricism and trial and error than at classical teaching, a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, since he has to set up sets, paint backgrounds, make sculptures, invent staging, place lighting or rework images. It seems essential to him to put no limits on the means or the method, to feel no constraint in order to create a dreamlike and original universe.

What guides his work above all is the emotion that it could arouse and a certain idea of beauty. Motherhood, filiation, the human being and his relationship to nature, consumerism and intimacy are recurring themes in his work.

Pink Collar by Patrick Van der Elst - Online Art gallery

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