Jules Wittock



Jules is a young Belgian artist based in Brussels. Since his childhood he is surrounded by art, which has encouraged him early on to express himself in a visual way. He has found a way to elevate a playful and natural urge to create into his own personal artistic language.


At thirty years old, he has several national and international exhibitions to his name. Where previously the young artist’s focus was on linen or cotton canvas in combination with acrylic or oil paint, he now also ventures into materials such as bronze with which he creates 3D objects.


Jules works in a driven manner around the concept of a never-ending search for the right path. He translates this by creating harmonious but complex mazes. In his work one finds an entrance and an exit, in which each finds or loses his own way. His work reflects on decision making and challenges the viewer to take different paths, each forming different words. However, there is only one correct solution. In this way, the artist playfully communicates about a universal yet personal theme; making choices.


We could even read this work as a metaphor for life. Even though there is only one way out which presents the right word yet other sidetracks also present us with alternative words. In this way Jules thus gives space to make our own choices and take an alternative route.

Jules Wittock

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