Vicky Martin


stereotypes, expectations of femininity, vulnerability and self-doubt.

Vicky Martin is an international award winning fine art professional photographer from the UK.

about Vicky

Throughout her photography she explores her fascination with identity and the emotions that are evoked by scenarios which are based in both fantasy and reality.

She finds inspiration in strong female characters whether from literature, film or everyday life. Vicky intertwines her created characters with staged realities, which seek to convey the tension and conflicts found within the self.

Throughout her work she likes to express recurring themes that she is drawn to, which include: conformity to the stereotypical, individual and societal expectations of femininity, vulnerability and self-doubt. Whilst all her works contribute to the narrative framework developed across her series, they also each depict an element of ambiguity that the viewer is invited to interpret in relation to themselves and their unique perception of the world.

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