#visualactivism, round 1. we are open!

We are a new art gallery for visual activists. inside-out is our name. we are nomadic and digital, internationally.

Why do we call our artists visual activists? because we believe that a photograph can change your vision of the world.

What makes you tick? what makes you stick? we are curious to learn about you. discover if you have common ground with our first 5 artists.

Julia, Vicky, Iwajla, Patrick, Derrick… each of them approaches photography differently. through improvisation and performance, with no retouching, or through staging and image editing, or with a special attention to colors, working with the naked body or long-lost ritualistic costumes, they all have something to say: they are visual activists.

Artworks displayed at inside-out Online Art Gallery

inside international fairs and exhibitions, or out there on the world wide web, we are inside-out art gallery.

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